IAESTE Student - Alejandro Alvarez

Jan. 7th, 2020 - Jan. 7th, 2020

For the past six months IEAP has hosted yet another IAESTE student - Alejandro Alvarez from Colombia. Alejandro is a bachelor student of physics at the University EAFIT in Colombia with interests in theoretical particle physics. During his six-months-long internship in IEAP CTU in Prague (from July to December 2019) Alejandro has been a member of the Department of Theory and Simulations and his main task was to study the quasi-eleastic proton-neutrino scattering. For that he needed to acquire knowledge of the basics of the quantum field theory. The output of the internship was the project report which was evaluated by the University EAFIT as excellent.

As his stay here in Prague is soon over, we asked him to tell us a bit about his stay here and how was his experience working in theoretical Physics. Here's his statement:


Hello, my name is Alejandro Álvarez, I am from Colombia and I was an intern in the Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics in Prague during the second semester of 2019.
My experience as part of such an incredible Institute is the best I could have imagined. Each of the members of the institute made me feel at home, being very kind and helping me with every doubt I had. 
I was part of the theoretical team of the Institute and everything I could learn is immeasurable, not only from the intellectual side but also from teamwork and the human side.
The possibility to go to Romania to the Neutrino School was outstanding and I am sure it will be one of the most important experiences in my professional career. 
I hope you keep the best memories of me and keep opening the doors to young people with big dreams so they can continue immersing themselves in this beautiful world of physics.
Thank you very much for these incredibles 6 months and we will see each other again.
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