“Experimental physics with polarized protons, neutrons and deuterons” - a new book

May. 22nd, 2015

František Lehar, Eugene A. Strokovsky, Colin Wilkin

Experimental physics with polarized protons, neutrons and deuterons

Published in 2015 by the Czech Technical University in Prague First edition, 220 pages, ISBN 978-80-01-05692-9

The publication is available at the University Technical Literature Shop (Technická 6, Prague 6), at the eshop https://eobchod.cvut.cz/ and at the Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics CTU in Prague, http://www.utef.cvut.cz

The monograph gives a comprehensive overview of the diverse aspects of the experimental study of polarization phenomena in nucleon-nucleon and nucleon-deuteron collisions. The special nature of this volume is that it is based on the original physics results and knowledge gained by one of the authors (F. Lehar), who was a respected researcher in the field for nearly fifty years. The results of these experiments provide valuable information on the spin dependence of the forces acting between nucleons in atomic nuclei, of which all matter is ultimately composed. The fundamental importance of the results means that the subject will remain topical for years to come.

The book is designed for teachers and students of natural sciences, especially those with interests in nuclear and particle physics, as well as for experimental physicists who are investigating polarization phenomena using accelerators of charged particles.

The writing of the book was initiated by F. Lehar who was the driving force behind the project. After Dr. Lehar’s death, the task was completed by his colleagues and friends, E. A. Strokovsky and C. Wilkin.

“The book provides an exceptional description of Experimental Spin Physics within the context of Nuclear and Particle Physics, reflecting the full complexity and elegance of this subject.”

Professor Ivan Wilhelm, Rector Emeritus of the Charles University in Prague

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