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Int. Workshop on Radiation Imaging Detectors
1-5 July 2012

The 14thIWORID provides an international forum for discussing current research and development in the area of position sensitive detectors for radiation imaging, including semiconductor detectors, gas- and scintillator-based detectors and applications.

The event will take place from 1 to 5 of July, 2012 in Figueira da Foz, 40 km from Coimbra, Portugal.

  • Detector Systems (includes the wide assortment of detector systems ranging from large LHC detectors to small single-diode systems, from visible light to heavy charged particles);
  • Sensor Materials, Device Processing & Technologies (Sensor material and technologies, such as Silicon (single crystal and amorphous), Gallium Arsenide, Cadmium Telluride and other semiconductors, 3D and edgeless sensors, Processing, Characterization, Reliability, Radiation damage, Scintillators);
  • Front-end Electronics and Readout (dedicated to ASICS, include MAPS, CMOS and SiOI , Monolithic and hybrid systems, Single photon counting and charge integrating front ends, 3D asics, Monolithic active pixel sensors, CCDs, Data readout architectures, Hardware and software, Data compression, transfer and storage);
  • Imaging theory (Integrating vs counting mode, Energy weighting, Correction algorithms);
  • High Energy Physics & Astronomy (Detectors and applications probing the standard model, like Tracking detectors, Vertex detectors, Particle detectors, Low- and High-energy Photon detection);
  • Free Electron Lasers (Detector development dealing with high photon fluxes and its applications, Charge integrating, DEPFET);
  • Applications (range from astronomy, nuclear to medical applications, Material Analysis, X-ray diffraction and fluorescence, Protein crystallography, Tomography, high resolution and fast imaging, Biological and medical imaging, Electron microscopy, Security systems and other industrial applications, Applications at X-ray free electron lasers, Neutron imaging, Astronomical and space applications, High energy physics, Nuclear physics, Fusion research);
10th Anniversary of IEAP