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Staff  > Krejčí František, Ing., Ph.D.
Krejčí František
Krejčí František, Ing., Ph.D.

Department: Department of applied physics and technology
Phone number: +420 224 359 179
Collaboration: regular staff

Personal data
Born:   March 1984, Boskovice, Czech republic

  • 2009 - 2014   Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, CTU in Prague (Ph.D.)
  • 2006 - 2008   Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, CTU in Prague (MSc.)
  • 2006 - 2010   Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies, CTU in Prague, Technical Teacher Education (BSc.)
  • 2003 - 2006   Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, CTU in Prague (BSc.)
  • 1999 - 2003   High School in Boskovice
Main Research Activities
  • Imaging techniques based on hybrid semiconductor pixel detectors and ionization radiation (phase contrast imaging with X-rays and neutrons, spatial resolution enhancement techniques, energy sensitive X-ray radiography and CT)
  • Application of radiation imaging for investigation in biology, material science, cultural heritage studies etc.
  • Image processing, image reconstruction
  • Investigation of semiconductor detection structures and their applications
  • Application of hybrid pixel detector technology for educational purposes
Membership and other activities
  • Member of IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society
  • Secretary of the Czechoslovakia Section IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society
  • Secretary of the Scientific seminar of the Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics CTU in Prague

Responsible for Grants (5)
676548 BrightnESS - Building a research infrastructure and synergies for highest scientific impact on ESS H2020 1.10.2015-1.10.2018
15-04987S Non-destructive methods as a tool for studies on diversity of Cretaceous fossil plants GAČR 1.1.2015-31.12.2017
TA04011329 Advanced techniques of X-ray radiography for life sciences and industry TAČR 1.7.2014-31.12.2017
CZ.1.05/3.1.00/14.0301 Universal radiographic system with high contrast and low dose of ionizing radiation OP VaVPI 1.1.2014-31.12.2014
289198 Advanced Radiation Dosimetry European Network Training initiative EU 1.2.2012-31.1.2016

Articles in Impacted Journals
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Ocenění Name Author Scientific journal OceněníYear
Evaluation of sample holders designed for long-lasting X-ray micro-tomographic scans of ex-vivo soft tissue samples Dudák J.; Žemlička J.; Krejčí F.; Karch J.; Patzelt M.; Zach P.; Sykora V.; Journal of Instrumentation 2016
High-contrast X-ray micro-radiography and micro-CT of ex-vivo soft tissue murine organs utilizing ethanol fixation and large area photon-counting detector Dudák J.; Žemlička J.; Karch J.; Patzelt M.; Mrzílková J.; Zach P.; Heřmanová Z.; Kvacek J.; Krejčí F. Scientific reports 6, 30385 2016
High-contrast X-ray micro-tomography of low attenuation samples using large area hybrid semiconductor pixel detector array of 10 x 5 Timepix chips Karch J.; Krejčí F.; Bartl B.; Dudák J.; Kuba J.; Kvacek J.; Žemlička J. Journal of Instrumentation 2016
Non-destructive imaging of framents of historical beeswax seals using high-contrast X-ray micro-radiography and micro-tomography with large area photon-counting detector array Karch J.; Bartl B.; Dudák J.; Žemlička J.; Krejčí F. Micron (accepted) 2016
Trichobilharzia regenti (Schistosomatidae): 3D imaging techniques in characterization of larval migration through the CNS of vertebrates Bulantova J.; Machacek T.; Panska L.; Krejčí F.; Karch J.; Jähring N.; Saghafi S.; Dodt H.; Horak P. Micron 2016
Visualization of delamination in composite materials utilizing advanced X-ray imaging techniques Vavřík D.; Jakůbek J.; Jandejsek I.; Krejčí F.; Kumpová I.; Žemlička J. Journal of Instrumentation 10 C04012 2015
X-ray micro-CT scanner for small animal imaging based on Timepix detector technology Dudák J.; Žemlička J.; Krejčí F.; Polanský Š.; Jakůbek J.; Mrzílková J.; Patzelt M.; Trnka J. Nucl. Instr. Methods A 773, 81-86 2015
High-contrast X-ray Radiography Using Hybrid Semiconductor Pixel Detectors with 1 mm thick Si sensor as a Tool for Monitoring Liquids in Natural Building Krejčí F.; Slavíková M.; Žemlička J.; Jakůbek J.; Kotlík P. Journal of Instrumentation 9 C07014 2014
Modular pixelated detector system with the spectroscopic capability and fast parallel read-out Vavřík D.; Holík M.; Jakůbek J.; Jakůbek M.; Kraus V.; Krejčí F.; Soukup P.; Tureček D.; Vacík J.; Žemlička J. Journal of Instrumentation 9 C06006 2014
Neutron and high-contrast X-ray micro-radiography as complementary tools for monitoring organosilicon consolidants in natural building stones Slavíková M.; Krejčí F.; Kotlík P.; Jakůbek J.; Tomandl I.; Vacík J. Nucl. Instr. Methods B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 338, 42-47 2014
X-ray inspection of composite materials for aircraft structures using detectors of Medipix type Jandejsek I.; Jakůbek J.; Jakůbek M.; Průcha P.; Krejčí F.; Soukup P.; Tureček D.; Vavřík D.; Žemlička J. Journal of Instrumentation 9 C05062 2014
Displacement tracking in single human trabecula with metal-plated micro-spheres using X-ray radiography imaging Jiroušek O.; Kytýř D.; Doktor T.; Krejčí F. Journal of Instrumentation 8 C02041 2013
Some properties of the neutron monochromatic beams obtained by multiple Bragg reflections realized in bent perfect single crystals Mikula P.; Vrana M.; Saroun J.; Krejčí F.; et. al. Applied Crystallography 46, 128-134 2013
2012 International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge - Honorable Mention X-ray micro-radiography and microscopy of seeds Sýkora V.; Žemlička J.; Krejčí F.; Jakůbek J. Science 339 (6119), 511 2013
Mobile system for in-situ imaging of cultural objects Žemlička J.; Jakůbek J.; Krejčí F.; Hradil D.; Hradilová J.; Mislerová H. Journal of Instrumentation 7 C01108 2012
Pixel detector Timepix operated in pile-up mode for pulsed imaging with ultra-soft X-rays Krejčí F.; Jakůbek J.; Kroupa M.; Brůža P.; Pánek D. Journal of Instrumentation 7 C12013 2012
Probe and scanning system for 3D response mapping of pixelated semiconductor detector with X-rays and the timepix device Jakůbek M.; Jakůbek J.; Žemlička J.; Kroupa M.; Krejčí F. AIP Conf. Proc. 1423, pp. 461-466; doi:10.1063/1.3688846 2012
X-ray Radiography and Tomography for Monitoring the Penetration Depth of Consolidants in Opuka - the Building stone of Prague Monuments Slavíková M.; Krejčí F.; Žemlička J.; Pech M.; Kotlík P.; Jakůbek J. Journal of Cultural Heritage 13 (4), 357-364 2012
Coincidence Imaging System with Electron Optics Kroupa M.; Jakůbek J.; Krejčí F.; Žemlička J.; Horáček M.; Radlička T.; Vlček I. Nucl. Instr. Methods A 633, Suppl. 1, S270-S273 2011
Semiconductor pixel detector with absorption grid as a tool for charge sharing studies and energy resolution improvement Krejčí F.; Jakůbek J.; Kroupa M.; Jurka V.; Hruška K. Journal of Instrumentation 6 C12034 2011
Single grating method for low dose 1-D and 2-D phase contrast X-ray imaging Krejčí F.; Jakůbek J.; Kroupa M. Journal of Instrumentation 6 C01073 2011
Test of pixel detectors for laser-driven accelerated particle beams Reinhardt S.; Granja C.; Krejčí F.; Assmann W. Journal of Instrumentation 6 C12030 2011
Wide Energy Range Gamma-Ray Calibration Source Kroupa M.; Granja C.; Janout Z.; Králík M.; Krejčí F.; Owens A.; Pospíšil S.; Quarati F.; Šolc J.; Vobecký M. Journal of Instrumentation 6 T11002 2011
X-ray Phase Contrast Imaging Using Single Absorption Coded Aperture Krejčí F.; Jakůbek J.; Kroupa M. Nucl. Instr. Methods A 633, Suppl. 1, 181 - 184 2011
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Enhancement of spatial resolution of roentgenographic methods Krejčí F.; Jakůbek J.; Dammer J.; Vavřík D. Nucl. Instr. Methods A 607, Issue 1, 208-211 2009
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