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IEAP - Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics CTU - Czech Technical University in Prague
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Ocenění Name Author Scientific journal OceněníYear
Pixel detectors in double beta decay, experiments COBRA and TGV Madathiparambil Jose J. Ph.D. Thesis, CTU Prague 2014
Signal Processing and Data Read-Out from Position Sensitive Pixel Detectors Platkevič M. 2014
X-Ray Phase Contrast Imaging with Hybrid Semiconductor Pixel Detectors Krejčí F. Ph.D. Thesis, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, CTU in Prague 2014
Evaluation of Radiation Field Properties with Pixel Semiconductor Detectors Operating in Particle Tracking Mode Vykydal Z. Ph.D. Thesis, Albert-Ludwigs University, Freiburg im Breisgau 2012
Software for Radiation Detectors Medipix Tureček D. 2011
Series of Laboratory Exersices in the Physics of the Microworld Krejčí F. BSc. Thesis, Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies, CTU in Prague 2010
Radon concentration and diffusion for underground experiments (Supervisor: I. Štekl) in progress Mamedov F. Ph.D. Thesis, CTU Prague 2009
Enhancement of spatial resolution of roentgenographic methods Krejčí F. MSc. Thesis, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, CTU in Prague 2008
Microimaging of biological objects (Supervisor: J. Jakubek) Minarik F. Master Thesis, FBMI CTU Prague 2008
Monte Carlo simulations of neutron shielding for PICASSO experiment (Supervisor: I. Stekl) in progress Biskup B. Ph.D. Thesis, FBMI CTU Prague 2008
Processes in biological microimaging (Supervisor: J. Jakubek) in progress Skrabal P. Master Thesis, Charles U. Prague 2008
Study of spin correlations of tt quark pairs in simulations of the ATLAS detector (Vice-supervisor: K. Smolek) in progress Kadlečík P. Master Thesis, Comenius U Bratislava 2008
Application of Pixel Detectors in Experimental Physics Granja C. Habilitation Thesis: Brno U Tech. 2007
Experiment TGV (Supervisor: I. Stekl) Čermák P. Ph.D. Thesis, CTU Prague 2007
Instrumental Coincidence Neutron Activation Analysis (Supervisor: J. Jakubek) Ndiaye I. Ph.D. Thesis, CTU Prague 2007
Phenomena influencing the precise measurement of particle tracks in the Inner Detector of the ATLAS Experiment (Supervisor: S. Pospisil) Linhart V. Ph.D. Thesis, CTU Prague 2007
Signal processor controlled USB2.0 Interface for Medipix2 Detector (Supervisor: J. Jakubek) Platkevič M. Master Thesis, CTU Prague 2007
DSP Spectrometer with USB 2.0 High-speed Interface (Supervisor: J. Jakubek) Bočarov V. Master Thesis, CTU Prague 2006
Highly sensitive Silicon Detectors of Thermal Neutrons (Supervisor:) Uher J. Ph.D. Thesis, CTU Prague 2006
Measurement of Top Quark Spin Properties in the ATLAS Experiment (Supervisor: V. Simak - FNSPE CTU) Smolek K. Ph.D. Thesis, CTU Prague 2006
Study of Induced Radioactivity in the Inner Detector and JF Shielding of the Experiment ATLAS (Supervisor: I. Stekl) Bědajánek I. Ph.D. Thesis, CTU Prague 2006
Application of the Imaging Detector Medipix2 in X-ray Mammography (Supervisor: J. Jakubek) Master Thesis, Charles U. Prague 2005
Double Beta Decay of 100Mo in NEMO3 Experiment (Supervisor: L. Vála) Jerie J. Master Thesis, CTU Prague 2005
Electronic Tests of Detection Modules for the ATLAS Experiment (Supervisor: V. Linhart) Král V. Master Thesis, CTU Prague 2005
Neutron and Gamma shielding for experiments ATLAS and NEMO Štekl I. Habilitation Thesis: Comenius U Bratislava 2005
Mechanical design of SCT component for ATLAS (Supervisor: S. Pospisil) Beneš J. Ph.D. Thesis, Freiburg U & CTU Prague 2004
USB Interface for Medipix2 Pixel Device Enabling Energy and Position Detection of Heavy Charged Particles (Supervisor: J. Jakubek) Vykydal Z. Master Thesis, CTU Prague 2004
Automatic Processing of 2D Gamma Spectra from Coincidence Gamma Spectroscopy (Supervisor: S. Pospisil) Holý T. Master Thesis, CTU Prague 2003
Measurement of the 2νββ decay of 100Mo to the excited 01+ state in the NEMO3 experiment Vála L. Ph.D. Thesis, Université Paris-sud & CTU Prague 2003
Best Dissertation Thesis: CTU Rector Prize II Degree Nuclear Structure of 159Gd (Supervisor: S. Pospisil) Granja C. Ph.D. Thesis, CTU Prague 2003
Spectrometer TGV-II for Double Beta Decay (Supervisor: I. Stekl - FNSPE CTU) Beneš P. Master Thesis, CTU Prague 2002
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