IEAP - Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics CTU - Czech Technical University in Prague
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IEAP - Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics CTU - Czech Technical University in Prague
CTU - Czech Technical University in Prague
Name responsible person
Amplifier for from SiPM for S3 detector purpose Přidal P.
Array of online position-sensitive monitors of radiation field at VdG accelerator
Compact Digitizer Mašek P.
DSA - Data Storage Application Polanský .
Dark chamber for testing of scintillating detector
Detection system based on Timepix detector Štekl I. ; Král V.
Digital radiation particle camera MX-10 Polanský .
Digitizer module multi-channel agregator Mašek P.
Directional Fast Neutron Detector based on Timepix Coupled to Plastic Scintillator SiPM Array Mašek P.
Evaluation board VATA GP7 Mašek P.
Experimental SPECT system based on Hybrid Semiconductor detectors Timepix Zajíček J.
Experimental vacuum ion chamber for shielded ion scattering and PIXE method
Fast ADC module Mašek P.
Fast neutron on-line monitor for the neutron sources at the VdG accelerator Mašek P.
Flow rate monitoring network
Gama-gama coincidence detection system
Higgs boson physics - Postdoctoral and PhD postions, and Master Thesis topics available
Integrated previewer tool Java-based for Pixelman Polanský .
Large experimental vacuum ion chamber for ion induced nuclear reactions and detector goniometer
MRI-SPECT insert system with Hybrid Semiconductor detectors Timepix for an experimental tomograph Bruker 47/20 Zajíček J.
Multichannel SiPM readout system Mašek P.
Multichannel coincidence unit Mašek P.
Neutron irradiating unit with radioactive compact source and configurable neutron moderating volume Solar M.
Neutron monitor 3He Bonner sphere for VdG neutron sources Kohout Z.
Portable gamma-ray station Granja C. ; Slavíček T.
Presentation software for SATRAM/Timepix spacecraft payload onboard ESA Proba-V satellite Polanský .
SEL - Single Event Latch-up Polanský .
Sensitive detector of radon with volume 300 litres Štekl I. ; Mamedov F.
Simple spectrometer with Si detector
Software for Energy Calibration of Pixel Detectors working in Time-Over-Threshold Mode
Software for Energy Calibration of Pixel Detectors working in Time-Over-Threshold Mode
Software pro automatickou akvizici dat pro energetickou kalibraci pixelových detektorů pracujících v Time-Over-Treshold režimu pomocí LED diod
Space Application of Timepix Radiation Monitor (SATRAM) Granja C.
Switching current regulator for SiPM biasing Mašek P.
TEC PTW Polanský .
Testing kit for array of silicon photomultipliers Mašek P. ; Přidal P.
Tunable source of electrons
Tunable source of electrons Přidal P.
Ultra-low background shielding Štekl I.
Ultra-sensitive Radon detector Štekl I. ; Mamedov F.
VATA dongle kit Mašek P.
Wideband amplifier module Mašek P. ; Přidal P.
3D and Semi-3D semiconductor detectors Pospíšil S.
Medipix Jakůbek J. ; Pospíšil S.
ATLAS SCT detection modules Solar M.
ATLAS inner detector Linhart V.
ATLAS-Medipix project Vykydal Z. ; Pospíšil S.
Alfa and gamma spectroscopy
Alpha spectrometry and Radon Štekl I.
Applications of channeling/blocking effect Jakůbek J. ; Granja C.
Biological Imaging with X-rays Dammer J.
CZELTA (Czech Large-area Time Coincidence Array) Smolek K.
Course PC for Advanced Users Král V.
Course PC for Beginners Král V.
Development and use of detection tests for experimental studies of detectors and detector structures Slavíček T. ; Linhart V.
Development of an interafce... Mašek P.
Electronical tests (I-V, C-V measurements) Kohout Z.
Experimental search of Dark Matter in the experiment PICASSO Štekl I. ; Pospíšil S.
Few-nucleon systems Smejkal J.
Highly Miniaturized and Sensitive Thermal Neutron Sensor
Imaging CINAA Jakůbek J.
Laboratory Wide Dynamic Range Gamma-Ray Calibration Facility Granja C. ; Kroupa M. ; Slavíček T.
Material testing (TSC, DLTS, PICTS) Sopko V.
Minimum ionizing particles
Mysteries of the Microworld Smolek K.
NEMO 3 Štekl I.
Neutron radiography Jakůbek J.
Neutron sources in the Czech Republic for calibration and testing of ESA-compliant neutron sensitive devices Granja C.
Nuclear structure Granja C.
Pixelman: Software package for Medipix detectors Tureček D.
Plasma induced nuclear excitation Pospíšil S. ; Granja C.
Position sensitive detection of Ultra Cold Neutrons (UCN) Jakůbek J.
Position sensitive spectroscopy of fission fragments Granja C.
Principles of the Microworld Smolek K.
RD50 Solar M.
Radiation Hardness of semiconductor detectors Linhart V.
Radiation Imaging in Material Science Vavřík D.
Radiography with heavy charged particles Jakůbek J.
Room-temperature radiation detectors Linhart V.
Scholarships for attendance Short Courses & Conference IEEE Dresden 2008 Pospíšil S.
Semiconductor detectors Pospíšil S. ; Kohout Z.
Shielding of the experiment ATLAS Štekl I. ; Pospíšil S.
SuperNEMO Štekl I.
TGV (measurement of double beta decay of 48Ca and 106Cd) Štekl I. ; Brudanin V.; Čermák P.
Theoretical studies of dilepton production in nuclear collisions Lichard P.
Thermal-neutron detectors Pospíšil S.
Top quark physics Smolek K.
Tracking with pixel detectors Medipix Jakůbek J.
USB interface for Medipix detectors Vykydal Z. ; Platkevič M. ; Soukup P.
Use of material and electronic characteristic for basic tests of detectors and detector structures Kohout Z.
X-ray absorption and phase sensitive radiography and tomography Jakůbek J.
X-ray flourescent imaging Žemlička J.
10th Anniversary of IEAP