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Radiation Imaging in Material Science

Method “X Ray Dynamic Defectoscopy (XRDD)” uses Medipix device for the observation of time evolution of damage processes in a loaded specimen body. Even though the specimen is loaded monotonously and slowly, damaging can proceed discontinuously and relatively fast. Therefore high frame rate acquisition of X-ray images is crucial for real dynamic (time dependent) defectoscopy.

The method enables the observation of material density variations with micrometric accuracy. The test sample is illuminated by X rays during the loading process. Measured changes in transmission represent effective alterations in the sample thicknesses which are understood as weakening of the material due to damage volume fraction.

Sensitivity of the XRDD method depends on the ratio between incident and transmitted X ray beam intensity and on the fraction of scattered photons, the efficiency of the Medipix2 device at the X-ray energy used and the spectra of the X-ray tube.

Responsible person


Number Name Agency
LC06041 Research center "Fabrication, modification and characterization of materials by energetic radiation" MŠMT
106/04/0567 Study of damage zone in high ductile materials in vicinity of crack tip by X-Ray Dynamic Defectoscopy method GAČR
MSM 6840770040 Research Program 40: Usage of radionuclides and ionizing radiation. MŠMT

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