Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics
Czech Technical University in Prague
Horská 3a/22
128 00 Praha 2

Czech Republic


Phone: (+420) 2 2435 9391

How to reach us …

From the airport (detailed instructions here)

Public transport:

  • Take bus # 119 to the stop "Nádraží Veleslavín". Than change to underground line A (green line) and continue all the way to "Můstek". Theretake tram # 24 to "Albertov".
  • Take bus # 100 to the stop"Zličín". Than change to underground line B (yellow line) and continue to "Karlovo náměstí". Then take tram# 24 or # 18 to"Albertov".


  • Ask for "Horska 3, Albertov, Prague 2".
  • The price should be ca. 530 CZK, taxi drivers usually accept credit/debit cards

Shuttle van:

  • Take the white "Airport-Centrum" vans. Ask for "Albertov, Prague 2".

From the (central) train station

Public transport: Take metro C (red line) one station to Muzeum. Transfer to metro A (green line), go one stop to station Můstek. Take Tram # 24 to stop "Albertov".

Taxi: Use the yellow cabs "AAA" or order one by phone (call 14014 or 257 257 257).

Car: Drive to Prague 2, district "Albertov" (near "Vyšehrad"). Parkingis restricted (paid zones or resident parking card).

Public transport information

  • Nearest tram stop: "Albertov" (Trams 18,24,7).
  • Nearest tube station: "Karlovo náměsti" (Metro B - yellow line)

SMS Tickets for Public Transport in Prague

Ticket price:

  • 24 CZK, ticket valid for 30 minutes
  • 32 CZK, ticket valid for 90 minutes everywhere in inner Prague. The ticket is transferable, the number is the same for an adult, child, or dog
  • 110 CZK, ticket valid for 24 hours in whole Prague. The ticket is transferable. The price is 110 CZK. 
  • 310 CZK, ticket valid for 72 hours in whole Prague. The ticket is transferable. The price is 310 CZK.

It is possible to buy your ticket simply by sending an SMS.

  • Phone number - 902 06
  • Format: DPTXX where XX is the ticket price
    • DPT32
    • DPT24
    • DPT110
    • DPT310
  • Now you simply send the SMS from your cell phone. And at most in two minutes (usually it takes only a few seconds), you should get your SMS ticket to your phone, so when you meet a conductor, you would just show him your phone display.
  • In the case you accidentally delete your SMS ticket, you can get its duplicate by sending SMS „DPTA“ on the number 900 06 03, the cost of this duplicate ticket is 3 CZk.

Example of the SMS ticket:

DP hl.m.Prahy, a.s.
Jizdenka prestupni 32 Kc             (Ticket transferable 32 CzK)
Platnost:                                         (Validity) 
od 28.07.11 13:20                         (from )
do 28.07.11 14:50                         (to)
pouze v pasmu P
YrQPtMKs7 /12345

City Public transport system MHD

Detailed transport information for arrival on Prague Airport

  • If you decide to use the public transport, you need a ticket. The price of the ticket is 32 CZK, the tickets can be purchased inside airport hall in ticket vending machines (it might be possible to use a bank card) or in small shops. Do not exchange a lot of money at the airport exchange company, they have bad rates. In downtown, it is possible to exchange money at much better rate.
  • Leave the airport building and take the bus 119 to the stop "Nadrazi Veleslavin" (the ticket must be marked inside the bus).
  • At Nadrazi Veleslavin switch to underground line A (green line) and continue all the way to "Mustek".
  • After you leave the undergound car, proceed to the exit on your right side, by elevator up, then again to the right, upstairs and then you will stand at the tram stop (on the left side you will see the square "Vaclavske namesti"). Take tram 24 to the stop "Albertov".
  • Now continue straight, following the direction of the tram and after crossing the traffic lights and a church, turn left to Horska street (see the map). Our building is a small white one.


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