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AFP Detectors Global Alignment Using Exclusive Dimuons and Run-by-Run BPM values

Vlasios Petousis

Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics, CTU in Prague

Abstrakt: Detectors Global Alignment (GA) is a mandatory and difficult subject. There are many techniques, which can be used in order to align properly a detector at LHC. Most of them relay on the field of actual direct measurements using laser or dedicated equipment’s, others using indirect techniques.     

This talk deals with the ATLAS Forward Proton (AFP) detectors alignment using muon pairs for the 2017 data taken from the LHC during RUN2. The alignment procedure also uses information from the LHC survey and in particular from the Beam Position Monitors (BPM’s).  

Differences in the spatial position of reconstructed protons at the AFP detectors and the expected protons from the Interaction Point (IP) in QED processes with dimuon production, can reveal how well we align the detectors.

Seminář se koná v úterý 5. listopadu ve 14:00
v zasedací místnosti ÚTEF ČVUT, Praha 1, Husova 240/5.

Ing. Bartoloměj Biskup, Ph.D.
tajemník semináře
doc. Ing. Ivan Štekl, CSc.
ředitel ÚTEF
doc. Dr. André Sopczak
předseda NPS, ČS IEEE

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