Workshop on detection in mixed radiation fields with focus on neutrons

Jan. 9th, 2017

Seminar room, IEAP CTU in Prague, Horska 3a/22

9. 1. 2017, 9:00 – 12:00


ABSTRACT: Accurate measurement of radiation whether from natural decay, solar activities or occupational environment (mines, high altitude, space stations, nuclear plants, scientific experiments) is paramount in terms of radiation protection of both our health and living environment. Radiation has also become one of the most powerful diagnostic and treatment tool in healthcare where monitoring of radiation exposure is an important part of the quality assurance for both patients and healthcare personnel. Radiation fields in all the above environments are of mixed nature. One of the key challenges in radiation protection is to have a single detection unit that will provide precise measurement of the various components of the radiation present. The aim of the workshop is to discuss possibilities of measurement of composition and spectral characteristics of mixed radiation fields with aim to improve our current scientific knowledge in radiation protection of human health and environment, the understanding of our environment and enhancement in healthcare.


9:00-9:20            Recent progress in development of 3D-silicon sensors (Cinzia Da Via, Manchester)

9:20-9:40            Development of 3D detector technologies in Trento (Gian Franco Dalla Betta, Trento)

9:40-10:00          Laboratory of neutron generator in Ostrava (Petr Alexa, Ostrava) Coffee break

10:20-10:40        On diffraction experiments at neutron beams (Pavol Mikula, NPI Rez)

10:40-11:00        Ideas on use of semiconductor position sensitive detectors for personal dosimetry (Jiri Hulka, NRPI, Prague)

11:00-11:20        Neutron detectors based on Timepix pixel detectors in IEAP (Jan Zemlicka, IEAP, Prague)

11:20-11:40        Position sensitive detector of neutrons based on compact stack of silicon strip sensors (Tomas Slavicek, IEAP, Prague)



Acknowledgements and contact information

The workshop is supported from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 under Project Contract no. MSMT-28477/2014 and support from the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

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