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Precision measurements at the LHC: Luminosity and W/Z cross section measurements with the CMS Experiment

Jakob Salfeld-Nebgen

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)

Abstract: With the Run-2 era at the LHC accelerator well underway physical processes predicted by the Standard Model are being tested at 13 TeV centre-of-mass energy. In particular, the cross section of W and Z bosons in proton-proton collisions can be measured with high accuracy. 

The inclusive and differential cross sections are compared with predictions from higher-order calculations in QCD and the electroweak sector and parton distribution functions can be experimentally studied. A leading systematic uncertainty in the measurements is the normalization of the dataset, the integrated luminosity. A dedicated accelerator setup, so called van-der-Meer scans, enable precise estimates of the proton beam properties. I will present the important aspects of luminosity measurements at the LHC, the current status of the W and Z boson cross section measurements with CMS and also aim to give a glance on recent measurements of rare Standard Model processes towards the end of the presentation.

Seminar takes place on Tuesday, September 19th 2017 at 2:00 PM
in the IEAP meeting room, Praha 2 ‐ Albertov, Horská 3a/22.

Doc. Dr. André Sopczak
seminar organizer
doc. Ing. Ivan Štekl, CSc.
Doc. Dr. André Sopczak
IEEE CS - NPSS chair

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