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Sep. 8th, 2014

On Sep. 8th a conference on use of pixel detectors at British high schools (within the CERN@school project) took place at University of Surrey (Guildford, United Kingdom). A part of the conference has been integrated into the 10th annual conference of Position Sensitive Detectors. Within the conference took place two workshops led by Vladimír Vícha (IEAP) and Vladimír Stanislav (Jablotron) with titled Practical experiments with the CERN@school detectors., first one aimed at high school students using the MX-10 detector, the latter one aimed at their teachers

Workshop participants "hands-on" familiarized themselves with demonstration experiments from the field of radioactivity using the Jablotron MX-10 detector and Simple Preview analysis software developed together with educational activities at IEAP

During the conference also teams of British high school students presented their projects mostly based on MX-10 detector measurements. Two other workshops were aimed at another project for high school students called LUCID (The Langton Ultimate Cosmic ray Intensity Detector). The cooperation of British side and IEAP has been mentioned repeatedly.

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