IEAP – Newly in the heart of CTU

Apr. 1st, 2019 - Apr. 1st, 2019

In March of this year (2019) the Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics moved its location from the original campus in Albertov to a new location in Bethlehem Palace in the heart of CTU (and Prague). In total 62 employees of IEAP have found their new offices and laboratories in Bethlehem Palace (BP). The hardest nut to crack was to move the two x-ray machines for radiography and tomography, each of them weighing over a tonne.  The big apparatuses were to find their new home in the first floor of the historical building, which from static safety point of view was quite the challenge.

The reason for relocating was that the original building of 555m2 lies on Charles University’s land, where new facilities are to be built. However, even though IEAP gained slightly bigger and surely more representative location, the disposition of the rooms is not so desirable and is much more difficult to effectively make use of. That is why, the new 780m2 is still not enough to accommodate the entirety of IEAP staff together. Almost one quarter of employees still come to their old offices on Albertov.

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