OP VVV Project Underground laboratory LSM - Czech participation to European-level research infrastructure

Project registration number: CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/16_013/0001733

Call number: 02_16_013
Call name: Výzva č. 02_16_013 pro Výzkumné infrastruktury v prioritní ose 1 OP

Project annotation:
Aims of the project are research support at the LSM underground laboratory (France), upgrade of the infrastructure and management. Activities of the project are focused on neutrino physics (experimental and theoretical study of different modes of double beta decay, development for the needs of future experiments), on instrumentation and on measurement of ultra-low concentrations of radionuclides and on instrumentation for radiobiology. In this project the Institute of Experimental and Applied physics CTU and the National Radiation Protection Institute are participating.

Real date of start of physical project implementation:
Expected completion date of physical project implementation: October 31.12.2019
Expected duration (in months): 36


Total resources: 19 997 322.00

Union contribution: 14 828 014.26

Support from national public resources: 4 169 441.63

Support in total: 18 997 455.89