OP VVV Project Van de Graaff Accelerator - a Tunable Source of Monoenergetic Neutrons and Light Ions

Project registration number: CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/16_013/0001785

Programme number: 02
Programme name: Operational Programme Research, Development and Education
Call number: 02_16_013
Call name: Výzva č. 02_16_013 pro Výzkumné infrastruktury v prioritní ose 1 OP

Project annotation:
Research is focused on selected trends in basic and applied research subatomic physics. Experiments use a tunable source of light ions and monoenergetic fast neutrons. The subject of research is the study of nuclear reactions for astrophysics and fusion, spin physics with polarized neutrons and polarized targets, testing and calibration equipment using neutrons, gamma and charged particles primarily for space research.

Real date of start of physical project implementation: 1. 1. 2017
Expected completion date of physical project implementation: October 31.12.2019
Expected duration (in months): 36


Total resources: 19 329 936.00

Union contribution: 14 333 147.54

Support from national public resources: 4 030 291,65

Support in total: 18 363 439.19


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