PhD defense - Oleksandra Veselska

Oct. 17th, 2019 - Oct. 17th, 2019

On 17th of October a PhD defense of our colleague, Veselska Oleksandra, took place in Université Lyon 1.

The thesis was supervised by Dr. Aude Demessence (IRCELYON, Université Lyon 1) in co-direction with Dr Gilles Ledoux (iLM, Université Lyon 1) and Dr. Pierre Bordet (Institut Néel, Université Grenoble Alpes).

This work belongs to the field of coordination chemistry and has following title: “Structural and photophysical studies of coordination polymers of coinage metal thiolates” (fr. “Etudes structurales et photophysiques de polymères de coordination de thiolates de métaux monétaires”).



The coordination polymers (CPs) based on thiolates of coinage metals are well known for their luminescence properties. However, their structures stayed underexplored.

In the thesis we present a pioneering study targeting the understanding of the structure formation and the ‘structure-properties’ correlation for neutral homoleptic CPs, [M(SR)]n, M = Cu(I), Ag(I), Au(I). The compounds with thiophenolate derivatives studied in the work, illustrate how the use of some functionalized organic ligands leads to the formation of extended 2D networks or 1D columns by addition of some steric hindrance. The first comparative structural study of amorphous thiolated CPs was performed by PDF analysis.

The photophysical studies showed the diversity of luminescent properties of the CPs based on thiolates of coinage metals. Double or multiple emission peaks, high quantum yield of orange-to-infrared emitters, significant lifetime variation with temperature… all of these intrinsic properties reveal the high potential of these compounds for diverse optical applications.

Keywords: thiolate coordination polymer, coinage metals, 1D / 2D extended network, luminescence, double emitters, NIR emitters, luminescence thermometry.

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