Eye lens dosimetry and dosimetry in pulsed fields with Dosepix

Thilo Michel

Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nürnberg


The human eye lens is a very radiation-sensitive organ, which is why the legislator in Germany significantly reduced the permissible organ equivalent dose contribution from 150 mSv to 20 mSv per calendar year. This is intended to prevent the development of cataracts in people who are occupationally exposed to radiation, especially in interventional radiology. The recording of the individual eye lens doses in real time, which is desirable from the point of view of occupational safety, has so far failed due to the availability of corresponding active dosimeters. As part of the Bavarian Medical Valley Awards, the Erlangen Center for Astroparticle Physics ECAP has been developing an active eye lens dosimeter for real-time monitoring of staff exposed to radiation in interventional radiology since 2020. We carried out measurements on the systematic and statistical accuracy of prototypes together with PTB's Division 6.3 "Radiation Protection Dosimetry" at their facilities. In this talk we will present the concept of the dosimeter containing the core component, the pixel detector Dosepix, and discuss the measurement results obtained at PTB. The development of the eye lens dosimeter is the continuation of the long-standing collaboration between ECAP and PTB, in which research was carried out on whole-body and area gamma dosimetry with pixel detectors. The results of these investigations are also presented. An intended future project deals with the development of instrumentation for electron and photon dosimetry/spectroscopy in ultra short pulsed radiation fields from high-intensity laser experiments, such as those carried out at the X-ray backlighter PHELIX at GSI. In the second part of this lecture we will present results of our studies for dosimetry of short pulse x-ray fields carried out also in a collaboration of ECAP and PTB.

Seminář se koná v úterý 23. května ve 14:00
v zasedací místnosti ÚTEF ČVUT, Praha 1, Husova 240/5.

Ing. Bartoloměj Biskup, Ph.D.
tajemník semináře
doc. Ing. Ivan Štekl, CSc.
ředitel ÚTEF
doc. Dr. André Sopczak
předseda NPS, ČS IEEE

IEEE Czechoslovakia section

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