Search for new physics in neutrino experiments

Yury Shitov

IEAP, CTU in Prague


The seminar is devoted to a review of a set of neutrino experiments aimed at searching for new physics, in which the author happened to participate during his scientific career. Conceptually, the seminar will consist of three parts.

The first part will focus on NEMO-3/SuperNEMO/TGV-2 - double beta decay research projects. The second block will be devoted to the search for oscillations into sterile neutrinos in the DANSS anti-reactor neutrino spectrometer. Finally, the third part will be devoted to ultrahigh-energy neutrino physics in the KM3NeT project (neutrino telescope), of which IEAP CTU has become a member since autumn 2022.

During the seminar I will discuss both the results already achieved and the actual future problems of neutrino physics, the synergy between neutrino research in various projects.

Seminář se koná v úterý 20. června ve 14:00
v zasedací místnosti ÚTEF ČVUT, Praha 1, Husova 240/5.

Ing. Bartoloměj Biskup, Ph.D.
tajemník semináře
doc. Ing. Ivan Štekl, CSc.
ředitel ÚTEF
doc. Dr. André Sopczak
předseda NPS, ČS IEEE

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